Zorian Ivanec

Past Games

Turn based multiplayer game where you can find and lose abilities
Local Party Multiplayer game up to 5 players where you control your cubes to occupy as much territory as possible. But beware! There are tons of bombs.
Mulptiplayer game where you loot resources and bring it to your church, temple or totem... Everyone can steal and loot. Scavengers everywhere!
Stealth based platformer inspired by 80s where you change gender to pass various obstacles and enemies. As a female you double jump. As a male you can move boxes with your strong manly muscles.
Party Jam is party game, there players must repeat as fast as possible ritual actions shown to them on the screen. They use their mobile devices as controllers to pass answers to screen.
A multiplayer fighting, running and dying game.
You are what you think.
Your objective is not to die! You can drag and throw around everything, except for the green and black bacteria. White cells can destroy the Bacteria, so try to hit them with one. Gray cells can destroy the Bacteria, if you hit Bacteria hard enough with them. Each Red Cell which reaches the exit gives you points. Each Blue Cell which reaches the exit gives you a White Cell. Bacteria can multiply if it eats Red Cells or reaches the Exit, so kill them fast!