Past Games

Brett Bravery has slain the vile Lady Antagotha, and saved the kingdom. Too bad you’re Lady Antagotha. Now, get your revenge by haunting him in his own castle.
Cats, colors, and giant-inflatable-tube-arm-waving-guys, this rhythm game has got it all! Meow~
Gateway to the Quest is a game of merging light and dark to heal a single broken world. Once, a ritual was performed to split one world into two—one dark and cruel, one light and saccharine.
In this game you take the place of the not so knowledgeable crew who has came out of warp drive and found themselves being sucked into a black hole!
Saga of the Dragon's Horde is a fast-paced strategy card game of trading factions and shifting alliances.
You play as an overlord of a huge corporation that has taken over a city. As the overlord, you want to keep everything how you like it and want everyone to obey and adore(fear) you.
You start as the small beat of a heart moving through emotion, collecting rhythms and adding to your song. If you don't, you'll fade away.
Love Tester 1985 is a game meant to be played lovers where they work together to determine their compatibility by playing cooperative/competitive games to fill a heart.