Zhemo Zavala

Past Games

Solve the world puzzles, find clues, and find out what's happens with the duality of the switching worlds.
Traverse layers of a laberinth to find that other person that you really need to be with
Debido al constante sabotaje y pelea por los escasos recursos de la región debes pelear para conseguir las piezas faltantes de tu nave y poder encontrar un mejor lugar // Due to the consta
You have to destroy the evil fast food that are coming for your stomach, your holy home.
A multiplayer experience. Play as a World War II Submarine and beat enemy ships and submarines searched by radio transmissions. Up to four player! Press R in Game to Restart
An exploration game with a pinch of uncertainty in which you control a robot that sees through a sound wave, use the wave wisely, it's limited and could jeopardise your objective.
Clear the levels and collect the powers through the game and experiment this misunderstood creature´s travel
Las temporadas del año para los mayas y mitologia maya en general.
A colaborative game for two players, where the light is a limited resource to find the dungeon's exit. Player 1 - W(up) A(left) S(down) D(right) Player 2 - Up(up) Left(left) Down(down) Right
A game in which you must select the button with the opposite characteristics to those shown ----- Don't play this game