Past Games

In a dystopian present day, workplaces are filled with toxic jargon and migraine inducing video meetings. Only the future of cybernetically enhanced consultancy can save us(?).
A multi user dungeon played in the browsers. Eduardo has lost their destiny and must puzzle it together to escape limbo, but who are all these other lost souls, are they looking for the same thing...?
Experiments regarding remaking a bunch a balloons into a gaming platform though electronic means.
A physical cockpit constructed in the image of a human head functions as a alternative controller for this first person experience.
This game i mainly based around an arcade gun which was duct taped together during the Friday and Saturday morning.
A mobile VR where several players engage in competitive multiplayer racing. You are the mac Lirs, children of the sea.
This is my first game ever, so there you go! You are a cat that tries to avoid a crab Go left and right using the arrow keys Jump using space
This is a VR, Google Cardboard game built with Unity. Gamewise it's an FPS puzzle game in a dark, arctic 3D setting. The player have to collect several artifacts and gather them at an altar.
It's a collaborative massage experience for two players. One player wears a custom virtual reality headset based on an android phone and a makey makey.
An interactive story of a lone hero and vampire hunter. This guy hunts REAL vampires! Control: Keyboard - Space + arrows
Futuristic, sidescrolling boss rush game with RPG elements.
Your world is going extinct, the only way to save it is by stealing from a flourishing peaceful alternate world.