Past Games

Particle is wave, and wave particle. Find the wave out of the particle by looking from the right direction.
This game features multi-player battle and rope skipping. Players must fight each other while successfully jump through the rope.
我们从哪里来?我们是谁?我们到哪里去? 曾几何时你被这个问题困扰辗转反侧彻夜难眠? 这款游戏将告诉你所有这一切终极问题的答案! 天堂中一个叫做“灵魂分配站”的部门工作者们整日辛苦操劳,为爱祈祷,通过摄人心魂的魔法舞步将灵魂注入你的身体,造就了你的一切。
This is a special game lets you feeling loves. Use left mouse button click to interactive with game puzzles.
This game mainly features two-player competition. Combining FTG and MUG, while simplified most of their redundant functions.