Past Games

A two-player, competitive, perfect-information strategy board game where placing tokens on a hexagonal play field has rippling effects. Player two always wins. At least for now. =D
Click to create rippling waves and trigger chain reactions to reach the goal. Press "R" to reset the level if necessary. That's all, enjoy!
The Tribe needs a new Shaman after the old one disappeared mysteriously. Some say his dance moves weren't divine enough. And that's where you come into play(pun intended).
A side-scrolling "combat platformer" that challenges our assumptions by revealing the world piece by piece in consecutive play-throughs.
Gravity is your friend but sound is your enemy in this 2.5D platform puzzle game. Use your dexterity to move a cube across the level to the finish point dodging hazardous areas. Each level is timed and the heartbeat adjusts according to the time remaining.