Past Games

You are a devout religious authority in your community. Everyone reveres you for your knowledge of the scripture and squeaky clean public image. What they do not know, is what is happening behind th
You need the pantsu, you have to find the pantsu. There is not much time! There can never be enough pantsu!
A game about relaxing at home. ||| WASD - Move character's position ||| Left + Right Arrow Keys - Rotate character ||| Space - Relax ||| R - Reset ||| Esc - Quit
In this game, you get to transmit the amazing gift of biological degradation and body degeneration through the magic of STDs!
Trolling in the Cave is an adventure game that takes place in a crystal-filled cave.
A dollar bill is auctioned with these two rules: 1. (As in any auction) the dollar bill goes to the highest bidder, who pays whatever the high bid was.
The puzzle gods have been angered! To sate their bloodthirst, the elders have sent you to answer the challenge. You must complete a series of trials and tribulations or Boogaloo is doomed foreve

Hearty Games