Past Games

Clean up that mess you made, you big, long cat! You sweet, sweet boy! Play as Sweet Boy, the very long snake-cat and rebuild the city that you unintentionally destroyed. Oops!
Play an AI and jump from robot to robot in this rogue like game.
"Huey the God of surf has flipped his lid. Surf to survive." Steer clear of obstacles & Huey's "Waves of Fury" using your radical wave power.
Dispatch derps! Side - scroller action game! Controls: Arrow Keys - Move X - Jump Z - Grab/Throw Block Z + Down Key - Grab/Drop block below
while(alive) is a 2d platformer about an unfortunate robot left behind in Botlam, an asylum for mentally dysfunctional robots trapped in infinite loops. The robot cannot perform any function without repeating it, requiring you to program the right sequence of functions inside his while loop to escape the hazardous asylum. while(alive)features a challenging control scheme, eschewing traditional key inputs for a unique drag and drop command system, allowing the robot to carry out up to three functions at a time.
Quickly cover up the greatest alien finding in the history of all mankind!!! Play as Agent John-Paul as he does the job others dread doing!