Past Games

A romantic trip in the wild waves of the Mediterranean Ocean becomes a disaster, when a luxurious boat is subject to numerous consecutive damages that our daring couple must face to get to the ground
Marshy is a tiny marshmallow man who needs your help to heal his broken heart, as he walks by the graveyard to relieve his grieving.
Our game is about Scarlett a female zombie that lost her body and through life’s circumstances finds out that by implanting human parts on herself she can repair her humanity.
The robots im your spaceship have gone crazy! and you have to fix them, avoid the lasers, the traps and get close to the robots to fix them. Do it fast, there will be more of them comming!
Over Cronws is a 2D cooperative defense tower.
It is a game about a bubble gum monster, who does not have a body in consequence of a bad programmer who lost the parts.
Tomas es un perro que busca reconstruir su tranquilidad descubriendo nuevos sonidos y reencontrado objetos de su pasado.
You and your children are in danger! As a mother you are the protection and home of your little toadpoles. Throw them at your enemies to prevent them to eat them, but beware!
When u lose a part of u, your family, your home, your pet, u think : "a home without a pet isn't home". In this game you can feel the sadness about losing someone.
Eres una gota de agua capturada en un labortorio cuyo objetivo es convertir el agua en un arama de desrucción masiva, tu objetivo es escapar de este laboratorio por medio elementos transmisores de ene
Ryan Gossip: Trata sobre un bully que descubre que el casillero de un chico nerd se encuentra abierto, al mirar dentro encuentra una carta de amor dirigida a una de sus compañeras, al verla no lo pie
In this intriguing mini-puzzle you are an electric spark that somehow became alive. Use the arrows or WASD to move the spark across the circuit, and the X key to interact with the different elements.
Sinopsis: Emma y Larry se encuentran una casa abandonada a la mitad de una tempestad con granizo en Buenos aires el 22 de junio de 1918, dentro de la casa Emma es separada de Larry y aparece el fanta
Un espíritu osezno que intenta escapar de las garras del inframundo hacia la seguridad en los brazos de su madre. A bear cup spirit tries to scape from the claws of the underworld towards safety in t
Havok Levert es un científico Alemán haciendo una investigación en una lejana tundra, su equipo ha viajado a otro punto de la región, sin embargo, lo último que se sabe de ellos es la llamada de auxil
Have you ever wondered what a BAT PARTY would be? Meet Fred, a bat who made a terrible mistake when young, NOT believing in EL COCO, a mistake who he paid by losing his family to the monster.
Is it possible to make Death fall in love with you? Joe Mamma pretends to find out if it's possible, but remember, a forbidden romance comes with a deadly price.
Justin Powers is a super DJ from the future whose mission is to save planet earth from Mojo's loss. To do that he will travel back to the 80's the get The Sacred Relics of Groove.
Toma el control y lucha contra las fuertes olas que impedirán que avances y consigue la mayor puntuación posible!