Past Games

A simple game exploring the paradox of duality (how can you tell what darkness is without light?); thought provoking, simple, minimalist.
A father must reclaim his imagination in an attempt to draw closer to his son.
Players use DDR pads (or alternative keyboard controls) in this cooperative puzzle game to move robots on screen to their objective.
A game about the stories and memories of Global Game Jam. The mechanics are inspired by past experiences at game jams.
A 4 networked player game where you are isolated in your own rooms and must work together. Help each other using cameras. Pass objects to your teammates through a chute.
A two-player game of fun at the beach riding the waves. Also available in Braille.
A party bureaucrat in the isolated Soviet state of Juruan lives by his routine, filing and shredding documents at the Ministry of Health.
Fully leveled, fully stocked, and having completed all quests, our game begins at the final confrontation with the "end" boss.
Explore the world of your backyard by imagining ordinary objects as extraordinary tools! But sometimes, you have to imagine bigger... A 2D "adventure" game -