Past Games

Dinosaur is everything.
Joint middle aged man and get a life.
Save your neighbor, cute one-san! Magical 300KB game with passion!
The game for school girls. ...until your hamster get overdosed with seeds. Your mind will be "waved" without any doubt. Game is just 300+KB but we are sure you will have more experience
Switch the world, Switch your sight. The technology mixture from 198x to now. [Control Guide] Start by typing "run", Press Enter key!, ArrowKey : Move, SpaceBar : Change 2D-3D Vie
It comes, AGAIN!
Check your sensitivity for the frequency! You will hear the beeps four time. Answer the frequency you heard. Windows 32bit Application. Compiled with flat assembler x86 edition. Total size is amazingly 2,359 bytes!!!
Absolutely New Coded 6502 - FamilyComputer, NES game. 1.Push START to start the game. 2.Push A to switch the line and avoid crashing with the enemies Compiled by NESASM 3.1 Tested with real machines.
The game's going to protect natural ecosystems.