Yotam Salmon

Past Games

Draw patterns for the orbs to follow. Player to score more orbs into the crystals wins. Controls: Player 1: left-right arrows, space to draw Player 2: a-d, left-shift to draw
All those CI/CD tools promise bug free deployment. No more! Infect code packages and don't let your bugs get squashed by the repair machines!
Use only emojis to transmit a phrase to your friends! This is my 1-last-hour submission. Yayy, I made it!
Roll a ball! Construct a transmission to create a way for the ball to roll to the portal.
You wander around in an abandoned city/forest, as waves of water start to flood the place.
You're trapped in a small, mysterious temple, and your only way to escape is using a special ritual on a special magical table.
Thew game based on one of the adventures of James Bond, In this one you were kidnapped and being held in mysterious dungoun and you will have to use your brain and strength to pass the super difficul

Hearty Games