Yori Kvitchko

Past Games

A life simulator about hope, comics, and crowdfunding.
You have been abducted by aliens and placed in some sort of habitat. Good news: they left the maintenance instructions. Bad news: it's in THEIR language.
Home is where the dog is. Come together with your community and hop towards victory! Press "SPACE" to jump. Press any letter key to add a new player.
Oddy Haychase is a lonely wolf. He cannot leave his home in the foggy forest because, when he travels too far, the world loses all color, shape and meaning.
A VR comic story about a girl conflicted.
2-4 Player, physics-driven chaotic arcade action! Stranded in a hostile environment, and bound together by an oxygen hose, Descent Team Delta must carefully coordinate their escape from this alien
You're a crystal being in a fully-immersive, virtual reality cosmic lounge.