Past Games

Far Out is a point-and-click adventure motivated by hunger in the empty expanses of space. Click your way to victory. Solve the puzzles, fix the transmitter, place your order.
A game for the original NES! Help make sure an important message is relayed across the entire sector, but beware of the dreadful space enemies. Play it using your favorite emulator or load it up
Kai Anders is missing. You need to find her. Use your empathy enhancement chip to discover clues by reading the brain waves of the last person to be seen with her.
In Joe VS Volcano, the gods are angry. Joe must appease them by collecting precious items and tossing them into the volcanoes before they erupt!
Deep within the forest, dark forces have resurrected the Eye of Someone. Because: magic. Now, four poor souls have been chosen by fate to defeat an insatiable evil.
Multiplayer airplane dogfighting!
Implanted into a disturbing virtual Victorian Hotel you have entered a Virtual Reality game. Solve each Scrawled riddle to get the key for the next room.