Yeline Hong

Past Games

這是個4人聯機遊戲,類似鬼抓人,由一個玩家扮演鬼,三個玩家扮演人,在全暗的四個房間中進行遊戲。 人需要在天亮前尋找封印道具封印鬼。而鬼則需要抓人,將他們也變成幽靈,阻止人類封印自己。 遊戲在開局前,會將封印道具隨機生成在任意房間的任意位置。玩家進入房間尋找目標。 對人來說,四個房間是單向傳送的,1只能進入到2,2只能進入到3,依次類推。
Many people in Macau live in apartment, so we create a game with a apartment~ XD Up/W/Joy Up: Go Inside/Outside Left, Right/A, D/Joy Left, Right: Movement H/Joy A
We are BaBaTV, we need to do a transmission for a TV show, but many of our devices broken, fix them now!
There have no Wifi in Macau, Place wifi to the map and listen what people say.