Past Games

This is an atmosphere game, about some irrational fantasy when alone at home, excellent sound, excellent atmosphere, excellent art.
This is a first-person perspective adventure game. WSAD control before and after, space bar jump, mouse control vision, Left mouse button to release heat, right mouse to absorb heat, The amount of
The game is about solving musical puzzles and recreating beautiful melodies.
名称:餐前仪式 游戏通过一个餐前仪式的概念,反映了当下现代人的一个习惯:餐前必先拍照。 引起玩家对于人自我思维僵化的反思以及对生活态度有温度的思考。 游戏玩法简单,主要考验玩家的策略判断和反应速度。 玩家扮演一个要在餐前拍到食物完美照片的强迫症患者,用键盘a,w,s,d控制左手拍开朋友夹菜的手,并且要用鼠标控制右手一次性拍到5个或以上食物赢取胜利。
The little girl Alice and her cat went astray into a mysterious space. How should they help each other jump through platforms to the escape high above?