Yan Guilherme

Past Games

In this local cooperative game, two vampires must help each other getting into their respective castles.
Your village has been stolen by moles, they have hidden all the electronics in their holes. Try to find and return them to their owners!
Embarked in a old space ship, two brothers try everything to keep control of the ship, fix the engines and maintain the oxygen level. obs.: To play use a keyboard and a PC joystick.
An old man tries to defend his wife's legacy, her garden, from mischiveous kids.
Puzzle game with the objective of destroying all the manequins! Each manequin can do something others can't. Once a manequin is destoyed or you use an altar you can choose another one to contro
Pt-BR: Em meio a segunda guerra, é necessário que as mensagens sejam entregues aos aviões.
Years and years of neglect until it arises a religion upon earth talking about its existence. Many people tried to invoke his name to gain power and failed.
Do the same thing, and more