Past Games

Chasing After the Light is the entry game for team Times Two for the Global Game Jam 2022. Try not to lose trail of the Light Rune.
A wise man once said “Gods live as long as there are people who believe in them”.
Stuck in Sims is a Multiplayer VR parody where one player is stuck in Sims, and the other player is playing a management game like Sims.
Tavern Stories is a game where stories about losing and finding are told. The player, as the tavernkeeper, hosts the patrons in a cozy tavern, can listen to their stories and give advice.
You were on your way to a peaceful trip far from the chaos of routine life. You set up a tent on a fairly calm spot and went to sleep, only to be woken by the seemingly crying screams.
Listen to the dissonant sounds, they need your help!
People come to your TV-show to find their true love! Listen to their instruction and match them with the right person. Repair their hearts! Fix people up!
Soul Stone is a game about a wraith who is bound to a crystal, and trying to cleanse it of corruption.
Hold hands and get ready to boogie in the world's greatest arm wave line, also the main power line! Light the cities, transmit the current worldwide!
"Grab hold of your controllers for this kick-ass couch co-op game where one of you gets to control the frigate while others, are just some fighters or shit. Cool part is, the frigate gets to
Our game name is A Pirate's Tale. Our story begins with our main character who wants to be King of Pirates after he killed a cruel dragon.
SynthBeats is a Synthwave based arcade game. In the game, you emit waves with a shape in order to destroy enemies which have the same shape that your wave has.
Are you still not blessed?
Single-player game in which player controls a character in third person and can practice any holistic ritual
Escape through the maze without caught by enemies. Enemies decide before your move and acts when you move. Their aim is to squeeze you in the maze before you reach the exit.
You take control of the second-hand of an analog clock and collect numbers while it moves around. The game is basically an endless runner where the player needs to survive as long as they can.
This game takes place in a Game Jam site. It is about "what we do now". You have to complete your progress by standing near your table.