Past Games

HiKōri is a dual-stick shooter (shmup) with fire and ice elements as play on oppositional duality. Fire and ice make up all game elements, from the player and enemies (matter) to firepower (energy).
"The Ultimate Score Multiplier Game" -- a multi-directional multiplayer shmup based on an outrageous score multiplier.
In A.D. 2101. There was too much peace. It needed to be... REHABILITATED.
Hyperbol (hīpərˈbōl) is an exploratory visit to a museum of voxel artwork, in an emotional, exaggerated, non-Euclidean world. It may even include magic.
A multi-directional 4x multiplayer shmup with a focus on multipliers, with outrageously large scores.
Infinite Ammo, our first First Person Shooter (FPS). The theme was, "waves".
Xonakoid -- working title -- is an upcoming brick buster (also known as a Breakout clone) to be used in our Kids Make Games project where we teach elementary to high school students game design and ga
Another Xona Games experiment. More coming soon...