Past Games

A tiny interactive fiction project, set in the rolling hills of Emmental, Switzerland. Written in Bärndütsch, the local dialect.
A steampunk platformer browser game about a space ship which, after a heavy fight, is heading rudderlessly towards a sun. The player playing the mechanic, Ms.
Attempt to climb the social ladder by saying the right things at a series of art openings.
A chaotic party game! Do you know your keyboard well?? Play with 2-5 friends on a single keyboard, shove and push everyone out to keep your heart filled. How do I do it... we'll let you figure that out or loose to your friends.
In a world where free speech is an endangered species, every news article and every journalist is balancing on a thin line between being obscure (and not being read) and being well known (and in danger of being persecuted). Can you escape the reach of the censors?