Past Games

Brave rat is looking for the best cheese in the temple of the ancient cats! There is a hat, there is a rolling rock and there are cats. What more could you want?
Game made for commodore 64 in assembler lang. Two "professionals" have to hide what they screwed before house owner spot this. F1, and F3 on commodore 64 and emulators will change level,
The cat was left alone when his family left for Global Game Jam! He is furious! He destroys everything :) Just play and relax.
You are new office employe. Lowest pit of corporate rats. Everyone is above you, even janitor! Your mission is, to be a productive "drone" and do your job!
Evil Catomancer accidentally revives its favorite Box, which runs off.
This game is about a brave feline mage trying to take over the world by summoning ancient gods. Sadly for him, the world is opposing his work and sabotaging the ritual!
Who knows what happens inside a Schrödinger Box? In this peculiar, quantum-physics breaking game, we are helping the cat to survive a horrible experiment.