Past Games

Join Carl Otis Cliff Kyle Roach on a marvelous Adventure when he delivers precious Goods using his trusty Airship "Geralt".
STOMATA is a fast paced Top-Down-Arena-Shooter which is best played with 2-4 Gamepads.
The Smurfs are heading to an Island to name their surf smurf! You need to help them by managing the various beaches. Each smurf will surf at a beach that meets his desires.
In this bizarre hideout, three little warlocks try to summon a mighty Demon while their master lies ill. Although they seem to be keen on their mischief, they're everything but talented...
Pingoo? is a game about penguins that compete for delicious fish. In a 4-Player Mayhem you collect fish for a score. Everything seems easy at start...
GROGOR & Fieps is a 2D-Puzzle-Platformer featuring Grogor, a Ruffian who tries to escape the psychiatry after a power shortage and Fieps, a little girl who is left by her mother by accident.