Past Games

The gods are at war. Using your mighty hand you must plunder the world for broken weapons to YEET at your foe.
A drop-in arcade local multiplayer shooter, where each player takes the role of one of 4 siblings, who are sneaking around the house shooting each other in the dark with glowdart nerf guns.
As a group of four players transmit a glitch between your devices while answering trivia questions to gain points. Miss your turn passing the glitch and lose points.
[Bronze Medal Popularity Award Winners] Made by the Potbelly Vikings and A Gozitan.
The player plays as Tiresias; a prophet of Apollo from Greek mythology who had his sight taken away from him by Athena for angering her, but was later given the gift of augury as compensation after hi
**Winner of Malta's Best Hybrid Game_** Its the year 2015, the human race has been threatened by an anomaly that spread through all generations like a parasite.
** WINNER - Best Digital Game 2014 ** Become the Kaledionaut; affected by external forces you are thrown out of your inner sanctity of calm.

Hearty Games