Past Games

Fido is a game about returning to your home from a dark forest. you must find your way while keeping your guard up for the beast that hunts the woods.
In your home, many appliances are now connected to the internet! It is useful, but is there a hidden danger?
A point and click adventure game in a DOSpunk visual style. A group of youths discover a conspiracy in their town that has destroyed all waves.
A rhythm game, Where you are a spaceship riding on sound waves inside a vortex over 4 environments, and you have to maneuver around or jump over 4 distinct obsticles
We are your local Hello Mart. We love our customers. We love our Mart. We guarantee somebody will be at the door to greet you, or our name isn't Hello mart. But it is.
You are an "expert" thief who heard that The Most Valuable Diamond in the World will be unguarded for one night only.
To ease tensions between the land and sea, envoy Star Platypus descended to the lair of the Octopus King to negotiate terms for peace.
A visual novel that explores the concept where the player is playing as an Non-Player Character in the game world and despairs over the thought of being trapped in the eternal scripted loop of an NPC.