Wilson Junior

Past Games

In this game you are an Alien trying to deliver a very important and secret message to the people in Earth.
O "G'rr" é um jogo que tem como protagonista Nick, o pirata, que tenta desesperadamente se equilibrar no mastro do navio em alto mar, e manter suas moedas no bolso!
Um jogo bem humorado que recria o mais tradicional ritual da Game Jam de Curitiba: empilhar caixas de pizza! A humorous game that recreates the most traditional ritual of the Game Jam of Curitiba: st
Try to maintain the balance of an human organism in this exciting game, using only the heart! It's simple, just pump blood to the organs to keep them healthy, but, be careful, there are several threats to the organs like: viruses, cigarettes, beers and unhealthy food, you will have to get the rid of these things before them damage the system. The game scenario represents the human body and some of its internal vital organs. In the botton of the game screen there is a heart, it's function is to send blood to the other organs. Each organ has a minimum and a maximum blood limit, the challenge is to maintain the balance. Besides, some desirable and undesirable things are going to pop up out of the blue, and it is the player's function to let them in, or kick them out.