William Cachia

Past Games

Accept your inner evil and find yourself. Guiding both your nice side and your evil side with common controls you need to solve a puzzle in each level.
Gary has a problem. Actually, he has several problems. And he's going to need a lot of help if he's going to survive.
YOU are a Rumba, and your HOME is your charging station. Do your housework while not running out of battery life! You want to contribute, but you want to vacuum better!
You and your friends are on a space journey that has unfortunately become a rather bumpy one! Asteroids are on a collision course into your ship and you need to hold out as long as possible.
What started as a game about navigating shockwaves and earthquakes turned into a silly slapstick battle arena with top-heavy wibbly wobbly robots. WWWB is a local multiplayer party game playable wi
A kitten "tower-defense" game in which Twitch viewers assume control of a cat sensei within one of the three cat castles (hereby known as 'catstles'). Each cat sensei is busy trai
*** WINNER - Epic Fail Award 2015 *** The best game jam game the judges never saw! Chaos Control is a simple game made difficult through simple obfuscation to make controls difficult.