Past Games

Choose a terra animalis and collect landscape features and decoration to create a perfect home for lost, floating critters.
Team subterfuge charades.
Each player has a fleet of boats in order to secure the treasures of the Byzantine Triangle.
Players are aiming to summon Elementals from the Standing stones and use those elementals to perform rituals to control time and recruit help.
The annual evil genius convention is about to start on the secret island of Dr Horatio. Dr Horatio has offered up his stores of resources to build the most devious weapon this world has ever seen.
Eibmoz is a zombie survival game in reverse. All players begin dead and are resurrected as the game regresses (I got to use the word regress usefully :). All game actions are done in reverse with the goal to be the first player with full health. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The game begins with one player in the middle hex (red) surrounded by zombies (rage variety). The starting player is the player in real life who has survived the longest. The player has 1 life point and all weapons but no ammunition. The environment is littered with corpses starting on all grave stones and another 20 scattered randomly. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The zombies move at the start of each round (including the first round). They will move away 3 squares towards the nearest exit or building (direction doesn't really matter). The players may move 1, 2, or 3 hexes each turn the distance is inversely dependant on the number of moves they player will use next round (in the earlier time). eg if a player moves 1 square this turn they are allowed to move 3 in the next turn and inversely a move of 3 means the next turn can only be 1. This can be shown on a players sheet as vigor remaining. All the corpses can be searched and is how a player is determined to win. At the start move corpses will resurrect the additional players (up to 5). Later corpses result in a die roll of two D4 to give a probability curve. The most common outcomes are: Get Bitten (gain one life), Collect Ammo (Zombie is resurrected), Find Weapon (lose related weapon), Horde (Added 4 additional Zombies surrounding you to nearest exit), Grenade (Gain 2 life), add 2 additional zombies, Lose Limb (gain 1 life, current zombie cannot move next turn), MedKit (lose 1 life), StimPack (lose 2 vigor). The zombies will move into a player hex in their turn (gain 1 life for player) if that player is within one hex of the path to the exit. The player who regains their full life is the winner. Players may not move outside the walls fo the complex. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Diversifiers included are: - Stay inside the box: There is a heli pad waiting for Evac which the players are trying to survive. Any movement outside of the Wall will remove the player from the game. - Backwards: Yeah this will mess with your head. Though if you are a sadist you could play the game forward when you finish and watch all the players get mauled to death :) - The Truth is out there. The person who lived the longest start the game. Get it :) - More the Merrier: This game goes to 5 players and could add more in a later expansion - I'm Bored: I'm doing a backwards version of I'm bored. That's a double win :)
Kill yourself to live. By happy well adjusted people.
Tile Matching Puzzle Game where up to 6 players compete to form chains of snake segments to score points. There are 4 coloured snakes on the board with points in each the only way to win. All players have a Head tile which can replace a tile on the board and double the score for that tile.
A platforming BoardGame built as the game progresses. Each player is aiming to be the first that finishes both through getting ahead and hindering the other players with obstacles or \"accidental fatal injuries\"