Wes Ehrlichman

Past Games

Welcome to your ugly monsters, the game where you collect, train, and fight an endless number of unique monsters that can be generated using any qr code in the world. Meet unlimited monsters across a
Parody game about removing all of the negative emotions from your life. This game will spark joy.
A train travels in circles around a track. Enemies are bad. Shooting is good. Descriptions are hard.
A board/dice/card game where up to three players race for treasure through waves of increasingly powerful monsters.
In the year 476 CE, the leader of the Ostrogoths, Odoacer, deposed Romulus Augustulus. The Western (Roman) Empire and the Eastern (Byzantine) Empire were driven even further apart.
Play now! @rorschach_game 1. I will tweet an image. 2. You will reply with what you feel it looks like. 3. Anyone will view the replies and favorite the one they like. 4.