Past Games

A casual resource management game about Captain Sadey, her trusty ship, and her rapscallion crew sailing the high seas and delivering goods to various ports. Take jobs, earn gold, hire a mean crew,
A spooky physics platformer with a major twist. Help your poor dog's soul crossover by escaping the well he is trapped in.
2D Platformer with an emphasis on speed. Don't get caught in the drink! Single player, Keyboard/Controller optional. Windows and Mac* *(coming Jan.24th)
Two player local coop 3rd person puzzle game Coordinate with your partner to navigate the puzzles and reach the end of each level. Uses 2 Xbox 360 controllers for input.
A non combative puzzle platformer. Uses slip space "warps" to re-generate the entire level procedurally to navigate around terrain and past enemies.

Hearty Games