Past Games

Based on the movie Tenet, you have the ability to manipulate time. Navigate your way through procedural levels and fight hordes of enemies by utilizing the dynamic environment.
Play as Zzz Buster to keep people in the area awake or as Zzz Monster to lure them to sleep! (Placeholder!)
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You are vulnerable and prone to seizures when exposed to bright flashes of colour and light. And...... you found yourself stuck in a club.
First-person <What do you think> game. Or so you might think; or not. Actually, its an exploration game.
Reach the exit. Run. Survive. -WASD and mouse look controls. -Stop moving completely to hear and see their heartbeat. -When you are moving, your footsteps drown out your hearing. -Try to spot them. Run, if they start glowing. -Green is your only hope, find it. -Total of four stages to complete. ***This game is not for the faint hearted*** MUAHAHAHHA May the heart continue beating...
One prevents, one enhances.