Past Games

You have to connect the two signals by creating a path between them.
This game is about solving riddles to find the correct ingredients for your summoning ritual!
The king sends his hero out to kill the dragon that has been tormenting the land. However, the king's hero is not strong enough and is defeated by the dragon.
Shapes R’ Us is a platforming game in which the player controls several characters and has to pilot them across to the end of the environment.
Our game is about a character who wants to get off a space rock, onto another to reach their goal. The player can achieve reaching the goal by building a tower with blocks the world randomly provides. The player can place a block by pressing the left mousebutton. As the player builds up and jumps on the tower (by using spacebar), the tower gets more unstable. The higher the tower, the more unstable it will get. In addition to the possibility of falling off of the base platform and into space, the player will also face another danger. You are building your tower on a rock, where under the ground in a cave, a dragon sleeps. If a block falls down and hits the ground hard, the dragon will get angry, his heart beats strongly, shaking the entire rock. This will cause the blocks of the tower to move and perhaps even fall! The player has to try and reach the other space rock, by building their tower high enough. Sounds simple, but it's far from it! The game is called "10 bpm" because that's the heartbeat of a Komodo Dragon while resting. The Komodo Dragon is the animal that has most similarities with a dragon, which is our main 'threat' in the game.