Past Games

Things are going to be Bananas!
An adventure where you can help the people of the Catia city to find their lost cats.
An art deco adventure of a robot that wants to repair the world and follow his dreams.
It's a game about clicking on houses.
A tower defense game. You play as a wizard, that is currently being attack by enemy goblins.
In a post apocalyptic world where we all lose the way, two brothers, two cables, one objective, to be named the king of the antenna, the last chain of transmission. 2 players game.
El abuelo de Agatha desapareció de manera misteriosa y fue dado por muerto.
Join and dance with the flow of your favorite music. Hit the coming waves with the right color in order to survive the funk.
A game about fraternity initiation rituals
The game is about a girl taking action against a bully in her school.