Past Games

Compete for dead creatures and body parts in a necromancer's castle dump with up to four players. Be the first to stack enough body parts to win!
Help an okapi through it's day with the least amount of destruction to it's apartment. Being an okapi is difficult - and so is playing this game. Use shoulder buttons to bring your hoofs
A young mermaid/merman is about to go to prom, but the phrase "Bad hair day" get's a whole new meaning if the tides are constantly ruining your fabulous hairstyle. Help the merman/merm
Proof your dexterity in performing a ritual for your cults demon king with up to 4 players and 36 cultists, that ALL LOOK THE SAME.
Help two unfortunate young aliens to have the night of their lives.
Pork is a pig - and a ninja! Finding himself in a realm of vicious little creatures called "Pokes", he soon is found very edible.