Past Games

This game is about what home initially means to us - the place where we feel protected by family.
Japanese pirates don't have much to do on wavy days, so they play with a pendulum which oscillates because of the great waves off Kanagawa.
The Last Ritual is a "escape the room" game. The main character has been hunting an evil cult for years. Why? Because they destroyed his/her hometown and killed his/her family, of course.
"Along" is a puzzle game where the player will have to coordinate his two playable characters to overcome the obstacles.
By one way or another
Be the Doc! Drive an experimental nanosurgeon bot in a heart fixing mission. Your objective is to control our little friend on his life-saver trip towards the patient's heart. Don't hit the artery walls or obstacles, but be quick to avoid the blood pressure carrying you away from your objective. The life of a good old man is on your... tentacles. Good luck! 2Save My Heart.