Vlady Veselinov

Past Games

A manic shared-screen multiplayer in which players must repair their robot selves in between battling to the death in a post-apocalyptic arena. Press A to Join and get fighting!
As a dog, you must protect your home from theft. As a thief, you must not get bitten.
A Game about mashing you're way to be born the the greatest race of your life. 2 player fast paced button mashing race.
UH OH! A bio-organic weapon has escaped, stop it before it escapes the research and infect the world.
Collect pots of noodles while navigating across the city skyline, manipulating light wavelengths to change how objects such as grav- pads work.
Our game is about a dancing ritual. Players have to dance around a fire performing moves by raising their arms or tilting their head.
A problem-solving outer space adventure, where each decision you make changes the story.
An ancient egyptian priest who dabbles deep into mirror magic has tampered into dangerous territory has fallen within the mirror realm.