Past Games

Fill a house with your clients favourite furniture! But watch out, you also have realtors competing against you with their own clients needs.
You and your fantastical sand castles are the only thing between your glistening parents and the mighty ocean. Keep'em dry, away from the tide. (AWSD to move, mouse clicks to interact)
A dance game for one or two players, where you create the world around you by executing different dance moves. Can be played on gamepad (share, or two gamepads), or on the keyboard.
A game about darkness. Has 4 stages right now, but we´ll polish it this week. ;] Control - Arrows Thanks for playing! Check more of our stuff at
Platform: Web (Html5) Brief Play Description: The player controls the huntsman using the down, left and right arrows to move and the arrow up to jump. The huntsman carries two weapons, the sword that is activated pressing the X key and the stronger attack chain and bear trap using the Z key.