Past Games

Wyatt Bonnelly is so close to the high score in Thrillz he can taste it! Unfortunately, his parents chose tonight, of all nights, to go out and stick him with a sitter! Wyatt isn't having it.
Bestman of the wedding wakes up the next day to a disturbance.
heliopause is the great and final wave in the universe
Time is running out! Your plane has crashed on a deserted island... can you solve the puzzles before the tsunami destroys all hope?
Mankind's eternal quest is to move ever forward. In the year 20XX science was on the verge of conquering physical ailment. The limits of micro-processing has been reached and exceeded. It was the age of nano machines. On the eve of the first remote mission into the body one human was on a misguided quest of her own. The quest for an even bigger high. One man nano-ship accidently winds up inside the body of drug user and your mission is to destroy the drugs, viruses, and all ailments in her system.