Past Games

Keepers of the Realm (Fate Reincarnate) is a mobile multiplayer game.
A personal exercise in taking a deep dive into rendering and graphics pipelines.
Fire up your vinyl printers and grab those old forgotten wood planks from behind the shed, because it's time for Give Me a Sign!
After crashing on an unfamiliar planet, you must find all the missing pieces to your transmitter so you can connect to your space station and get back home.
A simple puzzle in an asteroid-style "shooter".
Welcome to Crash Landing at Kandinsky! You are the crew of a space exploration mission, and you have just arrived on an unexplored planet.
In this game, the players take the role of Victorian-era psycho-analysts competing to successfully diagnose patients.
Multiplayer space deck simulator with alien ships to pilot- with living heartbeats. Unfortunately the backend is not yet connected to the frontend so just check out the awesome 3D demo view we made for now. NOTE: The demo only plays in certain browsers- tested in Google Chrome.
The two players must work together to collect falling bomb-like creatures, light their fuse, and then use the bombs to hurt the snake. Hit the snake with enough bombs and the planet is saved! \
Eat, sleep?, prey (on lesser creatures). But don't let them get extinct!
Protect your crown in this fun and unique realtime puzzle game. Deceive the orc raiders by hiding the priceless treasure and telling them the crown is elsewhere. YOU GET GAME OVER if they touch the crown or if two of them touch the same pile of dirt.