Past Games

Hemtomte Julius does everything he can to keep the house clean while the household pets create a mess. Gameplay: Move Julius around with arrow keys or wasd, interact with items using spaceba
Host controls a samurai robot which he uses to slash down watchers robots.
Grind the curve as long as you can, if you dare
A card game about religious fervor.
Spooky monsters have invaded our spaceship. Most of the crew got away on escape pods, but now they’re all gone, and there is no escape.
You are an electron. Or a positron. Actually you are both. Change your charge and navigate treacherous potential fields and point charges on your way to see the things as they really are.
This game is about constructing blood vessels before blood spills out. Remember to avoid fat and try to rescue orphaned red blood cells. Features online Top 10 -list.
Sommerkopter is a heli-logging game.