Past Games

Donny tries to escape his reality to sanity. He has to interact with this environment. His decisions will determine whether he's ready to escape or not.
A interdimensional tornado come to your home and scattered your precious belongings through time and space.
Don´t mess with him. Our somewhat unfriendly neigborhood starts a cruzade to defend his home againts hordes of moles, scout girls and... them.
"Garbage can provide important details..." - Kevin Mitnick In a world where governments keep track of everything a citizen does, a "web element" will rise to the task to uncover
Jump a Wave is a platform game based in Unity. You must help Jimbo to cross along the scenario jumping over the waves ahead. But watchout! Here comes the Multifaced Ball-Guy to poke you.
Escape from the Void, look for the runestones and complete the ritual to delay the threat, in order to do so, you will need a special equipment, a Google Cardboard.
Local multiplayer endless runner... with chickens on heels!

Hearty Games