Past Games

Pirate Bêêêh is a third-person shooter, where you play a pirate sheep and pick up wool ball to shoot your opponent with !
Play Francine, a no mercy pirate. Find buried treasures before the other. Throw treasure to other to stun them and stole their loot.
Monsters are coming for you! They will try to destroy your house in order to break in. Repair it in order to survive! How to play? Monsters will be coming when it's night time.
You're playing as a hero trying to save her home against an army of monsters and their Lord the Monolith.
Flower is a 2D strategy game about four factions making war. Expend your territory and transmit your corruption to the entire world.
Elison is a boy with thunder power. Fight ButterSnakes waves in an abandonned Laboratory.
It's a game about violence, soldiers fightning for their country. They use some kinds of rituals to ask god to give them potatoes...