Valentin Klink

Past Games

Underwalker is a magical stroll through an underwater landscape, supported by music.
A witch isn't always evil, sometimes she can be your helping hand. Especially when you've lost your balloon amidst a busy festival, she'll be there to help you out!
Humanity continues on its path of global warming and Mother Earth is feeling hotter by the day. The other planets, in a missguided attempt at helping the poor planet, decide to cool Earth down by...
You are a pirate and you have an exceptionally nice boat. The other pirates think so too and want to join your crew. Unfortunately the boat can only carry a limited amount of weight before it sinks
Glaudiotori is an almost normal third person shooter. But not quite. Instead of using buttons to control your actions you have to use your voice to do the work for you.
Fat Hawaiian people on a jump pad in an epic fight for fame and fortune. The game is a local multiplayer game for up to 4 persons. Use your weight and increasingly large belly in order to knoc
Once in a far away land, a demon king kidnapped the princess of the kingdom. The king, terribly sad, begged the hero to retrieve her.