Past Games

A survival crafting game in which the player helps Captain Zlorp to travel through space with his barely put together spacecraft, made almost exclusively out of junkyard scraps and scavenged metals.
The Journey of Sanguine is a story about a spacecraft carrying a large number of human embryos traveling through galaxies, hoping to reach a habitable planet in order to avoid the fate of extinction.
Fungus: Can't Spell It Without Fun is a multiplayer rhythm game about bacteria competing to infect the most cells.
4 heroes sail towards their destination, challenged by the ruthless waves of the sea. Balance your ship and survive the waves!
The forest near our village is on fire, we must perform the rain dance to save our homeland!
Tactical Espionage Squirrel Heist! You're a squirrel on a holy mission to recover the stolen golden nut. It's up to you to get in to the chamber from the ranger and get the nut back; unfortunately for you the ranger is a dog person. You're required to get in and get out without being caught. Good luck!