V David Salazar

Past Games

Armed with a Violin and an Electric Guitar that have the power to move platforms, the young Coda climbs the String Tower to become the Master Musician
Talos (spaceship) is navegated by 2 crew members: Lt. Cooper (human) and his right hand A_F4 (robot).
Lost in the middle of the deep ocean, the only salvation it's to reach the light, but among the path you'll find the struggle to it.
Eres un hábil exorcista, capaz de combinar diversos elementos y generar lo mas efectivos rituales de exorcismo. You are a crafty exorcist capable of mixing different elements in order to defeat the
“Color Knights” is a mix between a tower-defense game and Guitar Hero. You control three fierce warriors tasked with defending their village from pesky goblin hordes hell-bent on pillaging your home.