Past Games

A warrior, contaminated by evil, has to fight demons while also powering himself up by using the demon within himself. Mobile; one click, two actions; 2D but with 3D assets
A family of three suffer a plane crash in the mountains while traveling. Now the family members need to find each other and reach a place where there is a network signal in order to call for help.
The story of a little cog that is trying to make a big change...
Experience what's it like to be a barman in a cheap, but cozy bar. Engage with the various visitors, serve them drinks and try to make them feel at home.
Nothing is more stressful than being in a nightclub with a bunch of ladies who are grossed out by your presence, but don't give up.
As the chosen dancer of a cursed tribe, you should appease the God of Fire. If you fail, people will die under the god's rage. How much can you survive against the curse?