Past Games

A trivia game show that's totally just a trivia game show. The game is on google slides, press 'Present' and click on buttons.
The Grand Reveal is at Noon, but there are some slight problems... Can you fix them before anyone notices? Left click to grab, hold to rotate objects and stick them.
A physical game about language generation. With Fruit Words you can create a 'home' language and mother tongue that can then change and alter over time depending on its interpretation and
Deliver hazardous material across the city as a dutiful delivery pigeon.
You are about to go through your rite of passage. The elders have sent you to the Dream World for your trial. The goal is to explore, and to find meaning in the landmarks of this place.
Grab the goods and get out! Museum de Gris is home to an eclectic collection of valuable art and artifacts. You play as Robbert, a cunning thief with a taste for expensive things.
Move between the perspectives of different animals in the zoo in order to escape captivity in this puzzle/sandbox game.