Past Games

You wake up in front of an dark mansion. You should find your way out of there. Try to look for a key. Maybe it can open the front gate.
It's a year. Some how your lovely homebase has been demolished by something strange. Time to start rebuilding!
You've lost your memory, but you're trying to find your way back home. As you walk through the city, you keep hearing voices. Who are they?
Uh oh, your computer has been infested with multiple viruses! Worry not, your reliable antivirus program, F-inSecure, is there to repel those nasty virtual pathogens!
Adventures of average Finnish man who wants to accomplish the greatest and the most difficult mission there is. Join him as he tries to do the exact same thing he does every day.
An orb journeys through an underground cavern collecting new colours and changing itself along the way.
NOTE TO FOR DOWNLOADING: REQUIRES .NET Framework 4.0 http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=17851 IF YOU HAVE EPILEPSY - We do not recommend to play this game. You - the Hop - run away from amazing sharp tooth monster who lays on the ground at the basement of this futuristic building. Your mission is to escape the monster by jumping up falling blocks which are different sizes and colors. There are one or two special buttons which you may want to try and find.