Past Games

the mall is good. you will enter it and enjoy its contents.
Repair the natural ecosystem of an ancient space train! Help nature reclaim the space car by car by maintaining air quality and irrigation.
Welcome to Tastes Like Home, the magical pop-up tea shop. Here we carry everything from classics to the most whimsical blends – whatever fits your palette.
You're Jam, a dog who's protecting its home for Master. Squirrels, Burglars, Cars, anything that comes your way, you bork at. Unless it's your master. That requires a nice bork.
You're being called back to your magic tree in the woods. Possess forest animals to get back to your spirit friends.
You are a vigilante controlling a radio station trying to disrupt the corporations constantly transmitting propaganda.
You are a medieval courier in a prime location between seven busy regions. Prepare carrier pigeons for flight and send them to their final destination!

Hearty Games