Past Games

In APaHSRS 2016, your goal is to "keep up appearances" by making an effort to drag yourself to your 10 year High School reunion!
In the game Every Kind of Gentleman (E.K.G for short), you play as either a Wizard, Ninja, Robot, and Pirate. The rounds last 20 seconds, in which you need to collect items for your player to score. Whoever has the highest score at round's end becomes "The Gentleman". You then have 10 seconds to go and kill the other players! If you fail, it goes back to the collection mode. The game ends when "The Gentleman" kills all the other players. Keyboard controls: Wizard: WASD to move, Left Control to force push Ninja: Arrow Keys to move, Right Control to force push Robot: IJKL to move, Spacebar to foce push Pirate: Numpad8,4,5,6 OR TFGH to move, Numpad0 or R to force push Gamepad controls: Left thumbstick to move, A button to force push items away, Right Trigger to run