Past Games

Neighborhood Knockout is a multiplayer fighting game where the player controls the moves from within their Mecha House.
This Telco Simulator welcomes you to the rural town of Podunk.
Hordes of angry zombies have descended on your city, but all you really want to do is go on a bar crawl with your friend.
You start out as a boy and you go on a journey to collect ritual artifacts to become a man. The gameplay is a simple platformer.
This game will give you a new found appreciation of your singular life-perspective. You wish you could see what others see. You wish you knew how they felt. Not today!
The Robots need to pass their Robohearts between themselves to keep each other powered with Robo Life Force. Things at the Robostation are not that simple, however. The Robots are easily confused and blocked by complicated obstacles. They need your help to guide their arms as they throw and catch their Robohearts! In keeping with the theme, the Roboheart can emit a pulse that is used to activate powerups in the game using the left mouse click; once to emit the pulse and again when the pulse is over the powerups you wish to activate - you can get multiple powerups at one time for combinations! Spacebar will automatically remove the Roboheart, ending the level. A double tap on the Spacebar will make this more immediate. If you get stuck on a level, press Q to skip ahead. Escape will activate the pause menu. We have a Windows and Web build below, we will post a Mac version shortly and the app should be out on the iStore by the end of February if we can do it. Enjoy!